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Showcasing passion & bringing out authenticity

We love sharing real stories about people who are doing wonderful things in the world. People who are following their dreams & highest soul callings are amazing. With the right kind of video, that pure authenticity can shine through, amplified and shared with many people through the reach of the internet.

Events, presentations and performances can be recorded professionally and reliably so you can share with those who couldn't be there. Sometimes just capturing video with a smartphone isn't the best plan ;-)

Video is a powerful medium and it should be treated carefully, with respect. The container we create for interviews is relaxed and compassionate. Our editing style is the same: While modern video has become edgy and fast paced, we opt for a softer way of doing things. It's editing that honors the intelligence of the viewer without making assumptions about attention spans. If the content is good, the people are engaging, and the editing is appropriate, it's likely the video will be watched and enjoyed. We don't need to rely on gimmicks or overly fast paced "junk food" style editing. Check out some samples.

The people behind the services


Sean Bonsell, Videographer, Editor & Director

Since I was a young kid, I’ve been fascinated by video and the world of broadcasting. My grandpa let me barrow his Sony Handycam camcorder when I was 10 years old, and I never looked back. I wanted to work at a TV station until I grew up and realized what most TV stations were really about. After 13 or so years running a web design & hosting business I (accidentally) started during high school in 1996, I came back to my childhood dream of working with video. You can find my passion project, The Elevation Station at

Over the years, alongside my web design & IT career, I became a self-taught professional videographer and editor. Project after project I would learn from mistakes and pick up new skills. I've been humbled many times (ego check!), surrendering to the fact that I always have more to learn. I am a student to the process of making superb video, and I do my best to get out of the way and allow the camera to pick up the true essence.

One of my favorite things is sitting down with new video footage and editing. It's fun and satisfying to discover how all of the elements can come together into a cohesive whole. I’m always keeping an eye out for that magic & synchronicity—it exists everywhere (even in the mundane) if we can just stay open to it. Video is a very magical technology, so let's find more ways to use it for the good of all.


Lydia Love, Interviewer & Producer

Born and raised in the South, Lydia moved from New Orleans to the West Coast after having the profound experience of finding her people at the Oregon Country Fair. Ushered into the best of West Coast festival culture, Lydia found herself in love with the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular. After moving to Olympia to attend The Evergreen State College, she pursued a massage career before creating a sugar free chocolate company now known as Pure Love Chocolate that we both own and operate today. Lydia is an excellent writer and editor with a keen eye for what can be made better. Always refining and improving, she has a keen sense of what makes great video.

As the main interviewer for Starchild Video projects, Lydia is a warm and inviting presence on the set. While many people can be nervous about being on camera, that anxiety melts away after a few minutes of sitting with Lydia. The result is a relaxed and flowing conversation that ends on a sweet note. People will often comment on how much they enjoyed the interview!

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